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How many points does a P plater have?
It seems I've been cought speeding although I didn't realise.
On that note Im not just saying it to make me look like Im not at fault.

I told the Police lady I didn't realise but am taking full responsibility.
Now that was a $234 fine.

I found a new fine in the car today which was for my dad, yet realised I drove the car that time so it is $134.

Its so upsetting cos the money I had saved up for a car is all going on these stupid fines. Also this morning mum tells me we have no money to buy food and I am the only one with money so I'll have to use it on us. Which I dont mind doing at all, I just wish I had a way to get money to get the car and feed us with.

What is a quick way to get cash? I was trying to find things to sell on ebay but I've noticed none of them are worth much and it'll probably cost more to mail than what I'll get out of it.

Help? Anyone?

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Yesterday started out swell, I had band practise which was mega swell.
After a long 6 hours (well, 4 hours for me) with the boys we went to have dumplings and discussed more ban stuff.
Oh how I love that we FINALLY got our little band together!

Last week I had organised to go out with Tash as we dont get to see each other much, so we met on Swanston St and made our way to the Arthouse for the ROCKnROLL FREAKSHOW. It was the opening band's first gig and they were amazing! We couldn't help but dance along to the music. When the secod band came along we went up to the smokers area and she found out he friends Jodie and someone else where coming to the city so she asked if they coul pick us up an oganised to get some drugs for them etc.
"Well make sure they dont come too early I wanna see the bands" They showed up at 10pm! I ha only seen one band and I was furious!
"Cant they come in to see the bands?"
"They say they aren't dressed up for it, plus they wouldn't like the music, I feel obligated to go cos they came to pick us up! I didt think they' come so early"
"Dude, I organised this night for us cos I rarely get to see you and now you want to go with them so you can get high? You see them every day and ow Jodie is getting 'upset' at you cos you want to stay a bit loger? What a great friend she is! If you want to go and get high, go but Im staying I'll find a way to get home"
Then she goes on about my safety this and that, that we could go and hang with these people I feel uncomfotable with that I dont have to do drugs she'll get me alcohol. She just didn't get it. Then she realised how bad she fucked up the night. I told her I'd go with her but as soon as we got to their destination I was catching a cab home.

I spent ove a hour listenig to CRAP TECHNO DANCE SHIT! Oh God, I am so God damn disappointed at the fact that she was contemplating ditching me to go and get high.

I just think how she only cares about getting high/wasted/laid and Im ot into that. I've matured so much those things dont interest me and quite frankly, they never have. I think at how if it was't for the fact that I've known her since she was 12, that we wet to church together I wouldn't eve waste my time talkig to her because I am at a much higher wavelength!

UGH thinking about it makes me so damn angry!!

On a positive note, spending time with Alice today was really nice. I love spending every Sunday with her. Its a nice routine that doesn't get boring. dumplings first, then we take funny/cute picture at the Photoplus shop with all the photo booths then we go for coffee. We found this nice organic coffee shop at the end of Degreaves Lane that isn't as crowded as the other coffee shops and thats were we do most of our talking. Specially about Paris. If Alice ends up moving there I'll be visiting when I do a "Eurotrip"
I've even been contemplating moving there which is a MASSIVE step. I think all he talking about it is rubbing on me.
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From now on will be amazing.
No more staying home alone watching anime like a loser (although anime is AMAZING!)

Sundays will now be spent eating dumplings with Alice followed by photos at the funky photobooths from photoplus.

Today was mega. We found $2 panties at Dangerfield, found "buy me a beer" badges for $1, got awesome gloves for $4 and a grandpa hat for $2.


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Mega awesome coffee and dumplings with Alice today.
She got me pirate chocolate (with an eye patch and all!) from Germany and postcards and eiffel tower earrings from France! Oh and lovely smelling soap and this skin stuff!
I <3 you Alice!
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What a week!
Tuesday I picked up my cyber-penpal over a year from the airport.
As soon as I saw him I saluted him, then I find out you dont salute sergeants you salute officers.
As we drove down to have dumplings I got lost, rove up and down the West Gate bridge and got laughed at. I felt like the worst diver ever!

Once home he lurked my computer and decided to copy 95% of all my music, movies, pictures and anime so he had to buy an external hard drive because just my anime is about 170GB lol had a few beers and caught up.

Wednesday I took him to DFO (he needed a "sweatshirt") then to the Aquarium. Oh gosh the penguins are sososososososo cute!!!! We had a great time and I got some great pictures.
And we also went to the Eureka tower for a 360 view of the city. Watched Igor.

Thursday he finally game me the presents he got me from Iraq: a gorgeous rug an a jewellery box made of ine wood and mother pearl. He got my mum a gorgeous green head wrap and gave my little brothers collectable Iraqui coins an bills (which are still current)
I took him shopping at Fountain Gate and we saw Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs in 3D! Sosososoososososososo good!!!!
We then went home and watched Shortbus. Wow. Real sex with a story line. As weird as it was it was actually really good.

Friday we went to see Dali. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. Started to talk about marr Then we went to the casino to eat and then he blew $70 in less than half an hour haha. Caught the train home and had dinner with my family. He told us the funniest jokes. Damn Americans an their racism! (Bon not included) lol Mum started to get excited about the marriage thing until he said I woul have to move to the States. "There is no way you are gonna keep my grandchildren so far away from me. You are not to be married!" LOL

Dropped him off at the airport today. As soon as he got in the car my brother told my mum how empty the house felt. I agree. I already miss him.
All of yesterday and today he asked me what I was thinking of when I had a smile on my face. I wasn't going to tell him. But I did say it could be amazing. But wasn't going to happen. Plus if I did tell him he'd curse the skies and the earth and the seas and the winds.
Finally once he was about to get on the plane and had begged and begged I told him. "Oh I just wanted to get into your pants" *destroys coffee cup in his hand and starts cursing the skies and the earth and the seas and the winds* HAHAAA cute.
He nearly died. I told him I refuse to do anything without a ring on my finger. Yes call me old fashioned but Im done with the meaningless sex.
He then told me he was gonna "ravish" me when I went to visit him in Germany next year.
Poor Sergeant Miracle. Strong army macho man with his machine gun was completely shattered.

He is such a lovely guy. My family loved him. He was polite "yes ma'am, no ma'am, thank you sir..." and where ever we went he paid for everything!
I hope he had a good time.
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To want to have a dad?

I mean..I have a father, but he is not my dad.

Every Sunday, he comes to get my family and doesn't com in purely cos "he doesn't want to see" my face.

And I dont know whether I want to see his ether, but spending every Sunday completely alone, whil the rest of my family is out having a fun FAMILY DAY..

I wish... I wish my father loved me.

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Start TAFE Monday 20th of July at 9am and I couldn't be happier.
Here I thought I would loose my chance because of stupid little fights and arguments with the mother but all has turned out well.

Now I have another 4-6 weeks of recovery to go. At least I can move around without mum pushing me around on a wheelchair (she didn't want to stress out the stitches so I wouldn't bleed out to death) but I do get tire really easily.

Things are gone my way, I have waited all my life to have this operation and I get to study.


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3 pizzas and 4 kids.
Well..one kid 3 teenagers.

Did my mum's hair for a wedding today, I've been practising victory rolls.
Not so victorious when I master one and she tells me she likes it but doesn't want it like this or like that.

Watching Grey's Anatomy. Funny how much I love that show and do not care that people think Im a loser for watching it. Well excuse me if I have a cry when one of the main character's love interest dies.

But I woulnd't be watching it if it wasn't for Seth who bought 4 seasons of it from the "Haji" shop an mailed it from Iraq.

Sergeant Seth Miracle at that.
He's a guy I started talking to a long time ago (I cant remember since when) and we've turned into quite the cyber-pen-pals. I expect a message each day and get upset when I haven't received one.
He's been with the US Army for almost 11 months and is coming to Australia as a holiday. So he'll be staying with us for a weekend.

Such a nice guy he even asked if I wanted any more series so he could buy them. Asked what kind of Iraqui trinkets I wanted so he could get them in Bagdad.

I guess there are nice guys out there.
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Just went to Coles to buy me Pods (with Twix - Ingeniously crunchy) and a Fanta! And although when she asked me on the phone what I woul like I said "Anything, but I dont like Fanta" she mistook it for "I like" LOLOLOLOLOL

She then went to drop my baby brother off at my dad's and came back gave me a hug and sai "I dont like leaving you alone" gee..I wonder if she's sick?

Well, things are goo, after waking me up by yelling and saying horrible things yesterday, by the end of the fight she apologized and said she was proud of me for being able to control my anger although she has been a "nasty bitch" to me.


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I don't want anyone to pity me. I dont want anyone to tell me I need to do something about this because I KNOW I DO. This is just me venting.

Ok so, my uncle comes up to me the other day and says "I bet you your mum will have your dad back here in a month. They are just taking baby steps."

See my mum didn't have to tell me my dad was staying over Saturday night. I wouldn't have known! But no she comes to my room with a huge smile on her face and tells me. Then gets pissed off at me cos Im gonna cause problems.
Err hello earth to mum!

So today she barely looked at me.

What I dont understand is she found out stuff through my aunt yesterday and was saying how this was it and she's gonna move on and perhaps start dating other men and she shows up with him. "If you are gonna cause a scene Im just gonna go back to his place"

I cried. I couldn't believe she would do something like that.

Not only that, its breaking the law. He is not meant to come within 200m of this house unless accompanied by a police officer! "oh its only one night, who is gonna tell?" Someone like me perhaps. ugh

So today she asks "can I say something without you yelling and insulting me?"
Seriously. WTF! I dont yell or insult! At least not until AFTER she's followed me around the house saying what a terrible person I am!

Then she goes on to say she didn't come to ask for my permission and that the only reason dad doesn't come in on Sundays when he visits the kids its cos he doesn't want to see my face.

Seriously, all of this could have been avoided IF SHE HADN'T TOLD ME!

I dont feel safe with him around! And there she goes to say she doen't feel safe with me around and that I don't have to live at home and the only reason she hasn't kicked me out is cos she is a better person than me.

And it sucks to constantly be put down by your parents.
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